Young girl dances in the water at a waterpark. Water is spraying from a play system

How Water Features Add Value to a Property

Swimming pools add fun, but they also add considerable cost. Between construction costs, building costs, operating and staffing costs, the value added by a pool comes with a hefty price tag. If you want to add value and add fun to your property without the expense of a swimming pool, consider adding water features.


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aquatic concept, blurry water park behind a fence

5 Ways Your Pool Design Should Include Drowning Prevention

Drowning is one of the most common causes of childhood death and it is completely avoidable. While nothing can take the place of close supervision, you can make drowning more avoidable by including drowning prevention measures in your pool design. Here are 5 ideas to consider.


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Eco Wash

Backwashing the DE Filter Tank – How the Eco Wash System Works

Every vacuum filtration system manufactured by Vak-Pak that uses diatomaceous earth (DE) is built with an EcoWash™ system. This allows maintenance staff to backwash the filter tank without dumping hundreds of gallons of water and chemicals into the waste stream. It is better for the environment and more economical than backwashing a conventional DE system. There’s just a few steps to follow. Here is how it works. Continue Reading →

Architectural Door

Commercial Pool Accessories to Incorporate Into Your Next Design

You know Vak Pak is the home of high quality commercial-grade pool equipment. We manufacture equipment that you can depend on to work properly, last for years, keep clients happy and your bottom line solid. But did you know that we also manufacture accessories to complement your designs and delight your customers? Here are some accessories you can incorporate into your next build. Continue Reading →

Gravity Feed

Understanding a Gravity Feed System

Drowning by suction entrapment is completely avoidable. Public pools and spas with a main drain are required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act of 2007 to utilize entrapment avoidance measures. A gravity feed system is 100% reliable 100% of the time. Continue Reading →

splash pad

Designs that Make a Splash – Add a Splash Pad for Water Play

So your client wants to add some type of water feature to their property. A swimming pool is not always the most cost effective and efficient use of scarce resources (such as land and money). Swimming pools require extensive use of land for the pool itself as well as the deck, changing rooms, and equipment room. In addition, lifeguards and maintenance crews add to personnel costs. The answer may be a splash pad instead of a pool. Continue Reading →

Fiberglass Gutter

Why Your Pool Needs Customizable Fiberglass Gutters

Any pool designer or builder knows that form follows function when designing a pool. It is imperative to understand the client’s specific needs and how they will use the pool. For commercial projects or pools to be used for competitive swimming, a gutter system should be an integral part of the pool design. Continue Reading →


How to Generate Income in the Slow Season

If you operate your business in a part of the country where swimming pools are a seasonal item, you may be looking for some ways to keep busy in the slow season. Housekeeping and equipment maintenance tasks may seem like natural ways to keep staff busy, but instead of just keeping busy, why not keep generating income? Here are some ideas to generate income during cooler months. Continue Reading →