Gravity Feed

Understanding a Gravity Feed System

Drowning by suction entrapment is completely avoidable. Public pools and spas with a main drain are required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act of 2007 to utilize entrapment avoidance measures. A gravity feed system is 100% reliable 100% of the time. Continue Reading →

splash pad

Designs that Make a Splash – Add a Splash Pad for Water Play

So your client wants to add some type of water feature to their property. A swimming pool is not always the most cost effective and efficient use of scarce resources (such as land and money). Swimming pools require extensive use of land for the pool itself as well as the deck, changing rooms, and equipment room. In addition, lifeguards and maintenance crews add to personnel costs. The answer may be a splash pad instead of a pool. Continue Reading →

Fiberglass Gutter

Why Your Pool Needs Customizable Fiberglass Gutters

Any pool designer or builder knows that form follows function when designing a pool. It is imperative to understand the client’s specific needs and how they will use the pool. For commercial projects or pools to be used for competitive swimming, a gutter system should be an integral part of the pool design. Continue Reading →


How to Generate Income in the Slow Season

If you operate your business in a part of the country where swimming pools are a seasonal item, you may be looking for some ways to keep busy in the slow season. Housekeeping and equipment maintenance tasks may seem like natural ways to keep staff busy, but instead of just keeping busy, why not keep generating income? Here are some ideas to generate income during cooler months. Continue Reading →

Pool Collector Tank

Why You Need a Vak Pak Pool Collector Tank

A gravity drainage system is the only fool-proof way to remove the danger from drain entrapment from a system that utilizes a main drain. That’s because using a collector tank with gravity drainage is the only way to remove direct suction from the suction outlet. Gravity drainage systems are not very easily disabled. They require no maintenance and they don’t need ongoing testing to make sure they are working. That’s because a collector tank doesn’t need power and doesn’t have any moving parts. That not only makes them safe and effective, it also makes them inexpensive to maintain. Continue Reading →

Drowning Prevention

How Our Products Prevent Drownings

According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning in children ages 1 to 4 most often occurs in home swimming pools. Nothing takes the place of diligent supervision, but sometimes even that is not enough. Suction entrapment claims lives, causes injury, and is completely preventable. Let Vak Pak show you how our products prevent drowning. Continue Reading →

Pool design

6 Ways To Customize Your Next Pool Design

Whether it is a custom commercial or residential property, the customer is looking for something different. This difference can be achieved through incorporating changes to the shape and size of the pool, the pool depth, entry and exit points, maintenance issues, water features, hardscaping and landscaping, and planning for camouflage of the pool filters, pumps, and heaters. Continue Reading →

A swimming pool and spa with a lake view.

5 Things Every Pool Pump Room Needs

The design of a commercial or residential swimming pool pump room is crucial to the longevity of the equipment and its ease of maintenance. The pool pump room has to protect the filtering, re-circulating and disinfecting equipment necessary to keep the pool water crystal clear and properly disinfected. Continue Reading →